Kenji Kadota (In Chinese characters:門田健司)
Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU), Institute for Basic Science (IBS)
IBS CTPU, 3rd floor, Faculty Wing, KAIST Munji Campus,
193 Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34051, Republic of Korea
Email: kadota (at mark)
(P) +82(0)42-878-8414 (F) +82(0)42-878-8499

Brief Bio:
2004, PhD in Physics from University of California, Berkeley
2004-2006, postdoc in Theoretical Astrophysics Group, Fermilab
2006-2008, postdoc at Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Minnesota
2008-2011, postdoc at Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics, University of Michigan
2011-2014, senior postdoc at Physics Dept, Nagoya University, Japan
2014-      , assistant professor (tenure-track) at CTPU, Korea

Research Interests: Particle Cosmology (please click here for my publication list):
My previous and on-going works include
1) The early universe:
Inflation phenomenology, Inflation model building in supergravity, Baryo/leptogenesis, Cosmic perturbation theory
2) Particle theory phenomenology:
LHC, Dark matter, Beyond the Standard Model (Supersymmetry, Extra-dimensions), Flavor physics
3) The late universe:
The large scale structure of the Universe, CMB, Galaxy clusters, Dark Energy